The Open Program Education Network provides educational institutions worldwide with immediate access to rich multimedia learning materials at little or no cost. The OPEN program was launched in 2010 with the goal of giving qualified universities, teaching organizations, and petroleum educators cutting-edge eLearning resources to supplement existing programs or for standalone use.

In this format, the teacher becomes more efficient in attending to the learning deficiencies of the class and can focus on more advanced subject matter. The material in OPEN is given free-of-charge through our sustainability endowment. We work directly with industry partners to arrange financial support in the form of sponsorship for courses of instruction in the field of oil and natural gas through existing educational institutions. The OPEN initiative seeks to help educate the next generation rig worker.

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The Open Program Education Network is an internet-based eLearning platform that delivers rich, multimedia, learning experiences to educational institutions and students worldwide.

The initiative is industry sponsored with the goal of providing qualified universities, colleges, and secondary schools access to world-class instructional materials designed to supplement existing programs or for standalone use.

eLearning courses are delivered through OPEN® which is offered by PetroEd®, the world's leading eLearning provider for the oil and natural gas industry. This educational material is currently used world-wide by over 100,000 registrants in companies such as, Chevron, BP, HESS, Transocean, ENSCO, Weatherford and many more!

Four eLearning courses are provided as an industry primer. Basic Principles of Petroleum (14 hours), Oil Well Drilling (20 hours), Introduction to Well Control (18 hours)and IADC Rig Pass (18 Hours). The course development was sponsored by Transocean and Nabors Drilling and represent 70 total hours of multimedia content with cutting-edge animations, graphics and narrative. Upon completion, students will be able to earn their IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors) Rig Pass® certificate.

Universities, Technical Colleges and Independent School Districts recognize the critical need for manpower development in the oil and natural gas sector. In an effort to stimulate interest in career paths offered within the petroleum industry, we have launched PetroEd eLearning through the OPEN initiative. Because this educational content is specifically focused on the technical aspect of this industry, we are particularly excited about this development and have enabled usage around the world for the fall of 2015 semester. In order to expand the program we are seeking sponsors from industry stakeholders.

Colorado School of Mines, Missouri S&T, Texas A&M (Qatar), Tulsa University, Rice University, University of Houston AADE Student Chapter, Williamsport High School, Waynesburg High School, Mon Valley Career &Technology Center, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, Fort Bend ISD, Anahuac High School, Spring High School, Nicholls State University, King Career Center (Alaska), Makerere University (Uganda), Seoul National University (South Korea).
Sponsorship Goals

Make a Connection with the Next Generation Rig Worker!
OPEN® Sponsorship Levels
Level # Students Contribution
Platinum 5,000 Annual Licenses $250,000 US
Gold 1,000 Annual Licenses $100,000 US
Silver 500 Annual Licenses $75,000 US
Bronze 250 Annual Licenses $50,000 US
Sponsorship includes online license to OPEN® eLearning courses; Oilwell Drilling, Introduction to Well Control, Basic Principles of Petroleum and access to the safety series (53 courses) for a period of one (1) year. Sponsorship branding on SkillGRID® Portal, Photo-Op, and Press Release
Corporate Sustainability

OPEN® can be defined as corporate social responsibility (CSR) – Education; managing human resources to maintain workforce capabilities and employee satisfaction through industry specific learning and knowledge management programs.
Making a connection with the next generation oilfield professional

The mission of OPEN is to provide access to petroleum related educational materials to every High School and University around the world. With the projection of 50% of the oil and natural gas workforce retiring in 2015 there will be a direct, indirect and induced impact to the US economy resulting from a lack of knowledgeable, skilled and productive entry-level work force. OPEN offers one innovative solution addressing this unprecedented man-power deficiency. It provides a standard baseline for the competencies of the new oilfield worker through a cost effective solution that mitigates risk for potential employers, in addition to helping petroleum educators with access to industry specific material. Although other industries, such as healthcare and education, have entry level standards by using prerequisites to demonstrate competency, oil and natural gas currently does not.
OPEN Overview
IADC Member Case Study
Rice University Case Study

"The oil and natural gas industry is projected to create another 500,000 jobs over the next seven years, and we're going to need a trained and skilled workforce in order to continue to produce and to refine and transport the oil and natural gas we use right here in the United States."

-Jack Gerard, API President

"Fifty percent of, certainly, the oil and gas sector's engineers are eligible for retirement by around 2015, which is ... pretty scary when you overlay the growth that we're anticipating in subsea in the next three to five to Ten years. It's tracking a CAGR [compound annual growth rate] of anywhere between 12 and 14 percent depending on who you read and who you believe. So, when you overlay that talent gap with that growth then you see a compounded problem,"

-Neil Saunders, SVP GE Oil&Gas

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OPEN in the News

PetroEd Launches Free Online Oilfield Training Program for High School Students
OPEN @ Anahuac High School
OPEN @ Houston Community College
OPEN @ Utica Shale Academy
OPEN @ Nicholls State University
OPEN @ Williamsport High School
OPEN @ Colorado School of Mines
OPEN @ Texas Tech University
OPEN @ New Caney ISD
OPEN @ Houston Milby High School
OPEN Visionaries

Luc de Boer
President of Dual Gradient Systems
Luc de Boer is President of Dual Gradient Systems, a company founded in 2002 after patents were filed and initial feasibility studies were successfully completed. The dilution based Dual Gradient Systems "DGS" was further tested in a series of tests from 2002 till 2005. In 2005 Transocean joined the R&D project, and a full scale unit was built and tested. Transocean added the MPD part and named the new project CAPM which stands for Continuous Annulus Pressure Management. It is the DGS Dual Gradient System combined with MPD Managed Pressure Drilling.
"I use PetroEd visualization to communicate complex subject material to C-level decision makers"
Luis Reyes
Weatherford International Intern
"I was born and raised in Mexico, came to Houston when I was 10 years old. I am currently the first one in the family to attend college. Coming from a poor background in which my dad works most of the day just to provide the proper means of living, I have been inspired by him. I want to be able to have a stable future and provide for my future family while also having the means to provide for my parents as they grow older. I am currently working as an intern for Weatherford International and will be graduating in 2015 with a bachelor in petroleum engineering."
"In my opinion, the petroleum industry lacks a resource that will familiarize employees with equipment and processes in multiple languages. The PetroEd material does just that!”"
Joe Castanon
Former AADE President - University of Houston
"I am a Post Bachelorette student at UH in the Petroleum program. The learning modules from PetroEd served as a great supplement to my classes and was very useful into transitioning into the industry. Specifically in learning industry terminology and basic better preparing me for industry specific classes. To maximize the full potential, I've learned that incorporated all methods of learning is best. A combination of face to face, multimedia, and group to enforce what you learned from the face to face and e learning. If you were the professor for an engineering class, I would absolutely use the PetoEd modules to add a visual element to what is being taught in class, reinforcing the Professor’s lecture."
"The learning modules of PetroEd served as a great supplement to my classes and was very useful into transitioning into the industry.  Specifically in learning industry terminology and basic better preparing me for industry specific classes."
Cecil H. Brewer, Jr., Ph.D.
Vocational Educator (Retired)
Dr. Cecil Brewer received a Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Vocational Education with emphasis in Industrial Technology and Adult Education from Texas A&M University at Commerce, and did advanced studies in the Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University. In addition to his teaching career as a technical educator, he served as Administrator for Continuing Education, Industrial Technology, Science and Workforce Development departments. He has served both the business and collegiate communities sitting on several boards and committees: Texas Association of Community Technical Educators, Texas Skills Standards, Texas Governor’s Office. After retiring from Angelina College, he has done consulting work for the oil and natural gas sector and has established a new oil and gas drilling center at Houston Community College.
"PetroEd provides rich and well-rounded educational material to students, so they may further their knowledge and receive the tools necessary for success in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry."
Debra Beeman
STEM Coordinator Spring HS
As a high school math teacher for 30 years (from Algebra I to AP Calculus) , I am pleased to continue my career as a STEM Academy Coordinator, assisting students with placement in career experiences and the training needed for success.
"I am very excited to offer my students a resource that will make them immediately more marketable to work within the Oil and natural gas industry."
Robert J. Taylor
Bob Taylor has 40+ years of industry Experience and extensive training experience in a wide range of locations and situations. After 8 years in Houston as Technical Training Director for Weatherford, Bob has returned to Perth and re-established TTC. Over the past 40 years Bob have worked in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Khafji, Iraq, Scotland, Holland, Russia, USA (including Alaska), Canada, Venezuela and Taiwan.
"I use PetroEd eLearning to educate international staff from all over the world"


"I believe that PetroEd eLearning provides an excellent tool that facilitates both the teaching and learning process. When it comes to teaching drilling operations and equipment, the 3-D visualizations provided by the OPEN program greatly helps the instructor in class. Students can see the profile of drilling rig equipment that cannot be seen even if they are on the real rig. We would definitely like to keep on using it in our class and have the students use it at home."
Dr. Reza Majidi
Drilling Research Projects
University of Tulsa (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

“The Oilwell Drilling software provides an exceptional opportunity for Missouri S&T students to gain practical drilling knowledge and to have access to visual information which is difficult to obtain from normal books and University lectures. With the addition of some supplemental engineering calculations, the students being exposed to the course will have the ‘best of both worlds’.”
Dr. Baojun Bai
Department of Petroleum Engineering
Missouri University of Science & Technology (Rolla, Missouri)

“The students are learning a lot with nice demos and pictures and they are pleased and impressed.”
Dr. John Choe
Department of Energy Resources Engineering
Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea)
“It has really good animations and pictures, so it’s very useful to understand basic principles and actual operations. This is very critical since we have limited access to actual drilling sites.”
Student Feedback from Seoul National University

Students in Nicholls State University’s Petroleum Engineering Technology and Safety Management (PETSM) department now have access to quality multimedia training software from PetroEd®
CAPTION: (L-R) Dr. John Griffin, associate professor of petroleum engineering technology, Cameron Thompson, Vice President of Marketing for PetroEd, Dr. Al Davis, Dean of University College and Dr. Milton Saidu, assistant professor of Petroleum Engineering Technology. PetroEd representatives visited the campus Friday, Feb. 21.

Former IADC President Dr. Lee Hunt -Dr. Cecil Brewer -Cameron Thompson, Vice President, Marketing for PetroEd® introduce curriculum to a Houston Community College.

“The PetroEd material bridges the gap between classroom learning and real life application of concepts. It aids the students to understand the numerous aspects of the oil & gas industry with user friendly interfaces.”
Aishwarya Gogoi is a graduate student pursuing Petroleum Engineering at University of Houston. She completed her undergraduate studies in Petroleum engineering and has two years’ experience working for Essar Oil Ltd. (E&P).

“What was really great for me, was to see visually the processes of reservoir engineering or drilling, I have studied these in theory and have actually worked for Oil companies – but to see the process in this engaging format has surely given me an advantage”
Tolu Akinwumi graduated from Rice University where he double majored in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Managerial Studies. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Sustainable Environmental Engineering and Design at Rice University. Tolu has previous industry experience as an intern for Shell Oil in New Orleans, LA and Air Liquide in Houston, Tx.

Cameron Thompson and Debra Beeman Coordinator within the S.T.E.M. Academy of Spring High School introduce the OPEN® curriculum to Spring high school students.

“My name is Kevin Yokitis and I teach Electromechanical Technology at the Williamsport Area High School. This is the first year we have used the PetroEd program. As a Career and Technical Education instructor, I see the many benefits of the PetroEd program. For example, PetroEd gives my students an opportunity to independently work to educate themselves in the oil and natural gas industry, at school and at home. The PetroEd program is quite in depth of the topics needed to get started in this industry. The PetroEd program is challenging but seems to hold the students interest with the animation, graphics, and tests. When the students have completed the PetroEd program, they have the opportunity to get a certificate for their portfolios, which is yet another tool to make them employable.”
“In my opinion, the PetroEd program is a great way to give our students the information and certification that they need to get started in the natural gas and oil industry. So, far my experience with it has been very good; the lessons go through the material clearly and explain everything thoroughly so it is easy to understand. The graphics and animations that are used in the videos are extremely helpful in learning the material covered in the lessons; they help to understand what the instructor is talking about. The animations also help you to become familiar with the parts of an oil rig; so you will recognize the parts and structures when you are out working in the natural gas and oil industry.”
-Williamsport Area High School Student

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Student's in OPEN have access to three eLearning courses as an industry primer: Basic Principles of Petroleum, Oil Well Drilling and Introduction to Well Control. The courses were sponsored by Transocean and Nabors Drilling and represent 48 total hours of multimedia content with cutting-edge animations, graphics and narrative.
Introduction to Well Control (IADC)
The premise of Introduction to Well Control computer based training course is that every member of the rig crew should understand the fundamental principles of well control in order to obtain the highest degree of safety during drilling operations. This self-paced interactive multimedia program takes a rig hand through the basic concepts of well control in an easy to understand, straight-forward manner. 3D animations, graphics and other visual imagery are used to quickly communicate complex subject material to manpower with diverse technical backgrounds and language skills.
* IADC WellCAP certificate available at an additional cost.

Full Course Description
Rig Pass (IADC)
IADC offers accreditation for Health, Safety Environmental HSE Orientation Programs that meet the criteria established by the Associations Health, Safety Environment Committee. The key objective of RIG PASS is to provide new employees with a basic orientation of rig operations and safe work practices. Ideally, this should occur before the employee begins work at the rig. However, due to various logistical conditions in the drilling industry, this will not always be possible. Companies with in-house programs are encouraged to establish policies to ensure that their new employees complete the RIG PASS orientation
as soon as it is practical.

Full Course Description
Basic Principles of Petroleum
This course is designed for students who require a basic understanding of the petroleum industry to perform their jobs. It provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the basics of upstream and downstream activities. Students will learn how hydrocarbon deposits are formed, explored for, and produced. Next, students will learn how crude oil and gas are converted from a raw material to finished product and delivered to markets, or traded worldwide, as a commodity.

Full Course Description
Oilwell Drilling
Oilwell Drilling introduces the techniques and technologies involved in drilling oil wells. The course is intended for personnel new to the oil and gas industry, specifically including those in the administrative and support services as well as those in the field. Oilwell Drilling provides a firm foundation knowledge of oilfield practices and terminology that can prove invaluable in every sector of the industry. This course comprises ten computer-based training modules, each representing two hours of instruction and exercises.

Full Course Description